December Member of the Month

Alex Tsitouridis

by WPPI Staff December 15, 2015

All Images © Alex Tsitouridis

Athens-based wedding photographer Alex Tsitouridis jumped into a photography career mid-life and has never been happier.


WPPI: When did you first decide you were going to be a photographer, and why?
Alex Tsitouridis: The passion of photography was always inside me ever since I was a young boy. I’ve been a businessman all my life but never thought I would become a professional photographer. At age 40, I wanted to make a new start in my career and left behind the tourist industry that kept me busy for the last 17 years of my life.

Searching for new horizon, I just happened to read a small ad on Facebook saying “Make your hobby a profession and you will never work again a day in your life.” That was it! Photography was always a love in my life, it was a hobby and I had a small talent to take better images than an average person…that I knew. I decided that having a successful studio would be the next big step in my professional life. A week later, I founded Stardust studio in Greece.

WPPI: What do you photograph for the most part?
AT: I was always involved with people having their holidays in Greece and having good times, which is what I love to share photographically—good moments and memories of good times with people.

When I decided to start photography I thought that the wedding industry suited me because in a wedding all the people are having good time. The pictures in a wedding are alive, they have soul and they are priceless!


WPPI: What is your motivation to continue to take photographs?
AT: The happy people, the smiling faces, the priceless pictures, the friendships, the amazing customer feedback or even a simple “thank you” from a bride’s mother or a groom’s grandfather… it all motivates me to became a better photographer.

WPPI: What are your greatest influences in the art world?
AT:  Cinema is my biggest influence and creating cinematic images with fashionable looks is my ultimate goal! I’m always trying to better understand the way the photographer thinks and creates his imagery rather than trying to copy someone else! I study a lot, I research a lot, I try to understand the light and the composition in cinema, I follow some fashion photographers to better understand posing…but finally I shoot with my own aesthetics, knowledge and instinct.


WPPI: Do you do anything special before a shoot to prepare yourself?
AT: When shooting at a wedding, there is no space for mistakes so I try to double check all my equipment, batteries, memory cards, clean my lenses, etc. Good preparation can make your life easier when you are in the field, so I always know exactly what I’m about to do and where I am going to do it. I like to always keep calm and have everything run on schedule.


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