March 2017 Member of the Month

Roberto Falck

by PHOTO+ Group Staff March 7, 2017

All images © Roberto Falck

Roberto Falck is the founder of Roberto Falck Photography and has been photographing professionally for over fifteen years. A WPPI Grand Award winner, Roberto’s work has been published in a variety of magazines, books and blogs including National Geographic, Professional Photographer Magazine, Disney Hyperion, Rangefinder, The Knot, Merci, Grace Ormonde and Discovery Network.

PHOTO+ Group: What made you first decide you were going to be a photographer?
Roberto Falck: The earliest memories I have holding a camera were during family trips where my father would bring his Pentax SLR.  He would be driving on the highway and I would be looking through the viewfinder in the direction we were going.  Even though I wasn’t actually taking pictures it transported me to new and different world that had some kind of magic.  My father also subscribed to National Geographic magazine since he was a teenager so I grew up browsing through his entire collection, thinking how cool it would be to do that one day.

Deciding to become a photographer came many years later after graduating from college with a Finance degree.  Even though I enjoyed what I had studied, I didn’t have the passion for it.  Instead I grabbed my camera, moved to New York City and decided to give that “hobby” a go.  The rest, as they say, is history.

PHOTO+ Group: What do you primarily photograph?
RF: The main photographic subject in my work is people.  People of all kinds. The bread and butter of my business is family portraits and weddings; they make about 80% of what I do.  The remaining 20% is split between commercial assignments and fine art projects. Fine art projects range from underwater photography to portraits of indigenous people.

PHOTO+ Group: What is your favorite lens to shoot with?
RF: It really depends on what I am photographing:

  • I use the 70-200mm at weddings a lot.
  • I use a 17-35mm for underwater photography
  • I bring the 24-105mm for travel fine art work because of its versatility and low weight.

PHOTO+ Group: Do you still shoot with film?
RF: No.  I have not shot a roll of film in over 10 years! Even though I have fond memories of spending time in the dark room, I don’t really miss it. Waiting for film to come back from the lab also had it’s magic…but I can live without it.

PHOTO+ Group:
Who are your greatest influences in the art world?
RF: The art world is full of great artists and I think I have been influenced by many generes of art from painting, sculpture, architecture.

In photography I have learned a lot from the work of some of the masters like Henry Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, Steve McCurry, James Nachtwey, and Phil Borges.

In painting it is the work of Picasso, Dali, Magrite, Oswaldo Guayasamin.

In architecture it is the work Frank Gehry, Santiago Calatrava and Le Corbusier

In sculpture I love the work of Henry Moore and Alberto Giacometti

PHOTO+ Group: Do you do anything before a shoot to prepare yourself?
RF: I could talk about all the mental checklists I go through (equipment, logistics, shot lists, etc), but I think that most of all I take a minute to remind myself of how lucky I am to be doing what I do.  Life is too short to not be doing what one enjoys.

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